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Storyboard Revisionist | California | They/Them

Chris lives in a pineapple under the sea. She loves all things cute and creepy. Dr Seuss is her lord and savior. Legend says she was born from a blooming clover and draws in her sleep. She gains a tattoo in the shape of clover on her wrist for every life accomplishment. She began drawing in 2009 but wishes she had been drawing her whole life. Every four-leaf clover you pick is biologically a piece of her. Please return them to @CloverToon on Twitter.
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About Starless

“A girl and her guardian angel…
Jay is the only person who can see her best friend, Starless—but he’s far from imaginary.
Under his guidance, she lives a solitary life, performing good deeds with his angelic aid.
In time, however, she may learn that not every angel has white feathers.”

About Creators

Christina Brockus (CloverToon)
Creator / Artist

Well Hello! I’m Chris. I created Starless back in 2010 but didn't get serious about making it into something bigger until 2015. I'm not a writer by any means so when I looked for one NephilV (Ian) offered and I ended up loving his work!! Now he's also co-creator since he's helped come up with SO much for Starless. We've become more than just a team, we're an unstoppable duo creating amazing stories together!
I hope you enjoy Starless and join us on this journey. Have a wonderful day!!

Ian Paumgardhen (Neph)
Co-Creator / Writer

Heya. I’m Nephil V, or just Neph. I’m mostly known online for creating Lain’s Horrible Adventure and knowing cool people, like Chris here. My main passions are writing, reading, and video games. I’m in the editing process for several unreleased novels in the sci-fi fantasy genre, with Lain as the main character, and I’ve posted a number of online short stories. Lain’s Horrible Adventure is my first RPG Maker game, with a sequel and several other projects on the way. Generally my work is either side-splittingly hilarious or heart-wrenchingly dark. I’ve been following the creation of Starless for awhile now and I’m pretty hype to be a part of it!